ATM - Martin Cibulski - 2005-07-09
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Assembler Source Files of the Software

Main Parts of the Program
main.asm Start file for assembly
monitor.asm Monitor program executes commands coming from the RS232 connection
messages.asm Monitor text messages (collected here for language translation)
menu.asm Handbox menu texts and handler routines
menu_irq.asm Handbox key processing and menu navigation
handbox_drv.asm Handbox driver routines
alignment.asm Two star alignment routine
coordinates.asm Calculation of current Ra/Dec coordinates
tracking_goto.asm Calculation of motor speeds for tracking and goto
mount_coords.asm Transformation true <> apparent alt/az coordinates incl. mechanical errors
precession.asm To do: Conversion between epoch 2000.0 and current date
Deep Sky Object Database
object_db.asm Object database directory
stars280.txt Positions of 280 bright stars for alignment
messier.txt Object positions of the Messier catalogue
ngc.txt Object positions of the New General Catalogue
ic.txt Object positions of the Index Catalogue
abell_gc.txt Some galaxy clusters
abell_pn.txt Planetary nebulae
barnard_dn.txt Dark nebulae
Motor Control
motor_ramp.asm 128 Hz interrupt for high level control (speed ramping)
motor_a3973.asm 7812.5 Hz interrupt for low level control (motion)
Utility Functions
eeprom.asm EEPROM access routines, load/save profiles
twi_drv.asm Serial EEPROM access routines (two wire interface)
multitask.asm Interrupt helper routines (no multitasking !)
serial_com.asm RS232 communication
utils.asm Miscellaneous helper functions
Floating Point Math
float.asm Floating point main file, includes the other float*.asm files
float_macros.asm Macros
float_constants.asm Frequently used constants
float_transfer.asm Load from RAM/ROM, save to RAM
float_convert.asm Conversions float <> int16, long32
float_text_io.asm Text input and output routines (simple printf and scanf)
float_binop.asm Binary operations (+,-,*,/)
float_compare.asm Compare routines and macros (still not thoroughly tested and probably with errors)
float_matrix.asm Routines for 3D vectors and matrices
float_sqrt.asm Square root
float_sincos.asm Sine and cosine
float_atan.asm Arc tangent (and an incomplete untested ATAN2 routine)
float_powerseries.asm Series expansion routine used by sin,cos,atan
float_intern.asm Internal functions
float_test.asm Test routines

Hex files for Programming

mc4.hex Flash memory content (program)
mc4.eep EEPROM content (profiles)