ATM - Martin Cibulski - 2004-06-20
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Menue Structure on the Handbox

The keys on the handbox are named as follows:


Normally the handbox displays the current RA/DEC position and the telescope can be moved with the direction keys (UP,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT). This is the 'MOVE' mode

The PLUS and MINUS keys are used to select a higher or lower speed. Five configurable speeds for each motor are selectable.

Pressing the MENU key switches the handbox into the 'MENU' mode. Then the the display shows texts of a menu. The direction keys are used to navigate in the menu.
RIGHT goes to the next menu command or submenu.
LEFT goes back to the menu command before.
DOWN activates a selected command or submenu.
UP leaves a submenu and goes back to the parent menu.

To get an idea how it works use this simple simulation.

Menue Functions

Currently the following functions are accessible from the handbox menu:


Here the object database can be found. There are four standard lists for alignment stars, messier, NGC, IC objects. The object positions are stored in a compressed integer format. So the precision is only 20" in rightascension and 10" in declination.

Objects - Stars

Here the list of reference stars is selected.

Objects - Stars - (...)

The 64 brightest stars are given here as alignment stars. Their names are given like 'UMi Alp' and ordered by constellation. Pressing the LEFT or RIGHT key selects a star from the list. Holding a key scrolls through the list with increasing speed. For each star a submenu can be selected.

Objects - Stars - (...) - Goto

Starts slewing to the selected stars if the alignment procedure (2 stars) has been finished before.

Objects - Stars - (...) - Adjust

Saves the current time and stepper positions together with the star's Ra/Dec position into EEPROM for later analysis. Up to 32 reference positions can be saved this way.

Objects - Stars - (...) - Align1

Set the star's position as the first of two alignment points.

Objects - Stars - (...) - Align2

Set the star's position as the second of two alignment points. The sequence of alignment points is not important. After both alignment points are set the coordinate transformation starts and the handbox shows the current Ra/Dec coordinates.
The calculation of the transformation matrices runs for about 5 seconds until the first Ra/Dec position appears because the altitude offset ('Z3 error') has to be found by iteration.

Objects - Messier

The Messier catalog offers the same submenu for every object as the star catalog does. The objects are named and ordered by their number.

Objects - NGC

The same for all 7840 NGC objects.

Objects - IC

The same for all 5386 IC objects.





System - Profiles

System - Profiles - (...)

System - Profiles - (...) - Activate

System - Profiles - (...) - Default